HAVAI Ninja XL Three Side Personal Cooler with Blower - 20L, White

Rs. 8,990.00 Rs. 5,890.00

About the Product:

  • Three Side Dense Honeycomb at the back for improved cooling
  • 8 Feet Pleasant Air Throw – The Air Cooler has a pleasant Air Throw upto 8 feet
  • Main Motor comes with TOP (Thermal Overload Protector) this ensures that the motor will auto cut-off in case of excessive heating making it completely safe for the consumer
  • Three Pin Cord which ensures a good fit into the socket and helps the Air Cooler components stay safe
  • Auto Drain Plug: The Air Cooler comes with a drain plug which can be attached with a pipe to fill water. It cuts off automatically once the water is full in the tank
  • Mosquito Cum Dust Net – The Air Cooler comes with a Dust Net behind so that the inside of the Air Cooler remains protected from dust and mosquitoes.
  • Ice Tray – The Air Cooler comes with an Ice Tray at the back. Here you can add ice cubes in the tray to further improve the cooling
  • Blower Based Fan – The Air Cooler comes with a Blower base cooling which ensures good thrust
  • Attached Castors for good mobility around the house
  • FREE Anti-Bacterial Cover worth INR 499 along with the Air Cooler. The Air Cooler can be covered with the same when not in use
  • Power Usage: The HAVAI Air Cooler consumes very low power. The Simba Personal Cooler consumes 130 W of power.
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Country of Origin : India

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