About Us


Well every start-up has a back story and so do we. We are a manufacturer of Plastic Body Air Coolers serving as an OEM for over a decade. The pandemic made us realize that in order to ensure that our products reach the consumer we must start our own brand.

Once the decision of starting our brand was made the biggest question in front of us was – How do we reach the end consumer? The pandemic actually made it clear to us that taking the online route was the only way we could reach the end consumer

HAVAI is a premier Direct 2 Consumer Brand focussed on High Quality Products and Services. We believe in Honest Depiction of Products and Services and on absolute hassle free service to the consumer. All our products are packed with great love and care.



Havai ensures that you get all high quality spares related to your Air Cooler in the comfort of your homes. Currently the spares for Air Coolers are not easily identifiable on the marketplaces and hence at HAVAI we have made this task very easy as now you can find the spares of the Air Cooler you own by simply selecting the model you have.

We really understand the pain points an Air Cooler consumer entails over the lifecycle of the product and hence we have tried to make that part easier for him with this website.